Philip Hunt's experience with PMBC

Tell us about your properties with PMBC?
Currently we use PMBC for two properties that I am a Chairperson for, Paerangi Place and Tauriko Trade Park. I am also working closely with PMBC on several properties that are in development, having their expertise early in the development phase is essential for a smooth transaction.

How did you hear about PMBC?
I have worked closely with PMG for around 20 years, having first been an employee of the business in the early years when it was involved in property managaement and syndications. Once I grew my own portfolio I knew the expertise and value that could come from outsourcing management to PMG. So three years ago when they established PMBC, I was one of the first people through the door. 

What made you decide to use PMBC?
I knew of Tony Brindle’s expertise already, he was a huge factor in making the move. Tony is extremely knowledgeable and I would personally rate him 10/10 when it comes to dealing with body corporates. 
Tony’s efficiency, knowledge and willingness to adapt the body corporate for the owner’s use is paramount. For example industrial and apartment buildings are very dissimilar and 
Tony inherently understands how to adapt the body corporate to be fit for purpose.

How has PMBC improved your body corporate experience?
PMBC has been extremely positive for myself and the body corporates I am currently working with. Using PMBC has created great efficiency in the everyday running of body corporates, and has formed a consistently positive outcome when working with various groups involved. 
I like that PMBC provide a wealth of knowledge and are happy to discuss any details regarding the property 
or various legislation that needs addressed. They always respond extremely promptly and efficiently.

What do you like most about PMBC?
PMBC are easily contacted and personable. The owners of the development I’m involved with speak extremely highly of their experience with PMBC’s coordination and facilitation of AGM’s and their general management of the body corporate’s extensive administration requirements.

Philip Hunt's experience with PMBC

Hear about commercial property specialist Philip Hunt’s experience with PMBC.